About Pofu Photography

Growing up with a father who always had a camera in his hands to capture all the important moments of his family, I never thought that I too would inherit his passion of photography. Three years ago, I received my first camera from my dear wife, and began to learn how to use this complicated tool. 

Shooting away over the years, I developed a true understanding of the importance of capturing memories through photos, and I now always have my camera on hand. 

What started as a hobby has turned into a working hobby; I hope I can help others capture moments that are precious in their lives before they become forgotten memories. I believe photos are a valuable investment, but also believe it should not cost thousands of dollars.  

I dedicate my passion of photography to my beloved father. I wish he was here to see how I have taken his passion and am now sharing it with others. 

** People ask me what a Pofu is or what it means... Pofu is my Chinese name which my close friends call me as, rather than my English name Keith :)